Mission & Vision

The cultural heritage of Chinese medicine has been developed over centuries and remains one of the oldest forms of medicine still thriving in today’s modern society. Its endurance is a testament to the fact disease prevention and a holistic approach to health through multi modalities such as pulse diagnosis, herbal treatments, acupuncture and qi gong, just to name a few, are important for well-being. The spread of Chinese medicine to the western world has allowed individuals who have not grown up with this tradition to share in its benefits. Unfortunately, misinformation and incorrect perceptions about Chinese medicine have also increased along with its spread.

Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. was founded to preserve Chinese medicine’s holistic methods and focuses on disease prevention rather than cure. In order to achieve these goals and maintain the true essence of Chinese medicine, the company provides comprehensive Chinese medicine services such as information sharing, clinical consultations and herbal supplements.

The mission of Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. is to:

  • Disseminate comprehensive information about important aspects of Chinese medicine;
  • Introduce quality herbal supplements which are based on the principles and heritage of Chinese medicine, yet are manufactured according to stringent western standards;
  • Develop a Chinese medicine clinical practice model that delivers Chinese medicine services to local and international communities.

Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. also recognizes the importance of using Chinese medicine to treat certain conditions. Because Chinese medicine focuses on holistic health, it complements western medical practices. In many instances, a combined treatment approach using both Chinese and western medicines have had more favorable outcomes then using either system alone. The ultimate goal for any healthcare provider is to give the best care possible to maintain or restore health of patients.

The vision of Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. is to:

Integrate western and Chinese medicine practices to create a healthcare system synergy that offers the best medical care possible worldwide.

Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. is deeply committed to the communities it serves and to upholding Chinese medicine’s culture and tradition. It firmly believes that all individuals are entitled to quality healthcare, and will continue to strive for the further advancement of Chinese medicine in modern-day society. After all, Health is Wealth.